"God is a large man."

From the journal of Varjak Paul, date unknown:

"God is a large man. He's at least 6'2" and his muscles, though in perfectly toned proportion to the rest of his body, seem to inhabit separate hemispheres. I met him once, at a bus stop in the evening. We talked for a while, first about the power of his words, then about the power of mine. I got the feeling he was trying to tell me something, communicate something for which I was not ready. I said so and ended the conversation. He (having lost nothing) left me to myself. I sensed he knew I would get on the next bus feeling dejected and no more logologically aware, but I sensed also that it did not bother him.

I guess it just wasn't our time to be together. I got on the next bus with a dirty feeling, like right before a shower. I met him again some years later, and things became more clear, then. But, that's a story for another day."



A very short non-play.

The Players: Man One, Man Two, Bus Stop

Act Only


Man One sits on the bus stop bench; Man Two stands behind him.

Man Two: Don't you get it? The only way we are able to use words properly is by accepting they first use us. "In the beginning was the word," and all of that.

Man One: I think I'm done talking about this.

Man Two: I'd say. (walks away, having lost nothing.)

Man One: Oh, well. I didn't have much time for him anyway.

A bus arrives, and Man One boards, leaving the bus stop to gallop in ruin.

Bus Stop: Gawd! I thought they'd never leave!



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