Untitled Two

A second very short non-play.

The players: Henri, Marcy, Park Bench.

Act Only


Henri and Marcy have met in a local park. The two are sitting on Park Bench. The three are silent for a while. Henri is first to speak.

Henri: Hey, here' something: (leans to one side, wearing a look of concentrated exertion) can you tell what I had for lunch? (after a few seconds of a strange silence, he lets loose a bit of flatulance he'd been saving.)

Marcy: (Laughing) You're so gross! (pauses.) Roast beef sandwich?

Henri: (Turns sharply to look at Marcy.) Ha! No! Smoked turkey!

Apparently pleased with himself, Henri turns to look again at the scenery before him. After a moment of reflection, he reaches for Marcy's hand, taking it gingerly in his own. He does not look at her.

Henri: You know, I could have fallen in love with you.

Marcy: (Not looking at Henri) I know. (pauses. pensively) It's good that you didn't, right?

Henri: I think so. Yeah. (Turns to look at Marcy, who is looking down at her lap.) It would have been good though. (He seems to be about to say more, but he doesn't.)

Marcy: (Brings her head up to looking straight ahead) I know.

Henri releases Marcy's hand, sighs, and stands up. Marcy follows suit, and the two walk off-stage.

Park Bench: (After a moment of silence) Smoked turkey, my ass! (pauses.) They do look good together, though.

Park Bench sighs, stands up, and walks offstage.