order/through guilt/to victimage

she left me one day
,my muse, like one
unaware of my presence [varjak paul, date unknown]

there are days when i think, as vladimir did, there's "nothing to be done." though, i do not think it aloud. instead, i pick up a pen, or a book. today, i read these words:

"Here are the steps
In the Iron Law of History
That welds Order and Sacrifice:

Order leads to Guilt
(for who can keep commandments!)
Guilt needs Redemption
(for who would not be cleansed!)
Redemption needs Redeemer
(which is to say, a Victim!).

Through Guilt
To Victimage
(hence, Cult of the Kill)...." [kenneth burke, the rhetoric of religion, "introduction: on theology and logology"]