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they're right: good things come in threes.

[something funny]

the other day, our answering machine greeted us with this message: "is this the phone number associated with donna's quality leather? ... if it is, please give me a return call at... it's with regards to, uh, doing some stitchwork on, uh, some fabric suitcases. i would appreciate that if indeed it is. thanks very much. buh-bye."

[something else]

(from the journal of varjak paul) "... then emily asked me if what i had told her was really the whole dream. i told her it was, and i told her tomorrow night would reveal what trice did when he woke up. that seemed to satisfy her well enough. i kissed her forehead, tucked her in, and said 'i love you, em,' and left her to dreams of her own. it occurred to me as i left her room that the dreams we have are not really our own, but they belong to all those who dream, as part of the puzzle of beauty and truth. that is why trice's story is important: it is only one piece, but without it, completion is impossible.

[something beautiful]

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Oh so pretty and rather Steinway-esque in sound. Most splendid.

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