googling identity

"In a bizarre surreal bow to the power of perception on the web, what you say about a page becomes just as important as the actual content of the page. The page must be what other people say it is. That Google adheres to this rule and is by far the most effective search engine raises many interesting issues, none of which I will attempt to discuss or explicate." (courtesy uber: "better than you, daily.")

"Purposeful social identity is the result of external entities granting credentials attesting to and tying a unique set of identifying attributes to a unique person." (
identity planet)

"For we never finding, nor conceiving it possible, that two things of the same kind should exist in the same place at the same time, we rightly conclude, that, whatever exists anywhere at any time, excludes all of the same kind, and is there itself alone. (completing the transition from rank amateur to philosophy god, john locke;
essay II xxvii 1)

ahh, the aroma of philosophic thinking... pine fresh, yes?

to conclude on an unrelated subject: i think my next clothing purchase will be an obscenely obnoxious belt buckle. perhaps this one:

perhaps not. we'll see.


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