nice dream

i will lay me down
in a bunker, underground

so i had this dream last night: i'm playing halo 2, only i'm really inside the game. i'm doing unreasonably well, for whatever reason, even though i'm staying basically in the same area in the level - it's almost like i'm the hero in one of those old kung fu movies where only one bad guy attacks at a time.

i decide to move to a different area in the level, but when i emerge from behind the building, i find myself in a shopping area, with shelves twenty feet high, sam's club-style. naturally, i begin to look for a copy of halo 2. i don't find one, but i do notice an attractive young woman stocking shelves. she gives me a kind look, and i move on.

i turn a corner, leaving the aisles of shelves, and i am on a second-level back porch that looks over a huge yard. the yard appears to be prepared for a large gathering, as there are several long folding tables set up with picnic-style, red-and-white checkered tablecloths. the tables are unoccupied, except for three people sitting together at one table: my father-in-law, my buddy pete (whom i then suddenly recall seeing in the store a moment earlier), and another young man whose identity i cannot quite discern.

i go down to meet them in the yard. we discuss for a moment what we will each eat, and the dream ends.

go figure.

no alarms and no surprises.


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