Overrated Things

Installment #1

1. Socks. That’s right, socks. They’re badly designed, and that’s all there is to it. Surely even those who design and manufacture socks have had plenty of those irritating moments, moments we’ve all had, when they realized the seams of their socks were doing a funky little dance around their toes. I refuse to believe nothing can be done.

2. Ignorance. Excuse me, “Ignorance is bliss”? I guarantee an ignoramus came up with that one. Let me set the record straight: ignorance is in no way directly proportional to the level of a person’s happiness; it is simply a warning signal to the rest of us to avoid prolonged conversation.

3. Blogs. You heard me right, now they’re overrated, meta-style. Let me propose some rules that could serve to reduce the number of useless blogs:

1) If your knowledge of grammar and syntax is limited to what you read on the internet, you may not have your own blog.

2) If you want to start a blog to promote, in any fashion, NASCAR or Britney Spears, you may not have your own blog.

3) If you have a blog that is excessively stylistically limited (e.g. poetry about your boyfriend/girlfriend, poetry about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, rants about the deplorable state of the world, but without sensible thought-provoking insights about possible changes), you must delete your blog.

4) If you have a blog that proudly and consistently displays your possession of overrated thing #1 or #2, you must delete your blog.

Perhaps if these rules were followed, we could begin cleaning up this mess.

That does it for now. Remember, when in doubt, it’s overrated!


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