A non-play

The Players: Prophet, Miss Winston, A Cigarette. (Also, a Crowd.)

Act Only

Late morning. A Bus Stop.

Miss Winston is standing at the bus stop, along with a small Crowd of others. Prophet walks onstage, wearing a t-shirt that reads,


and joins those already waiting. Prophet stares directly ahead, into the street, and says nothing.

Miss Winston: (Feigning amusement) I like your shirt.

Prophet: (Without turning to face Miss Winston) Thank you. (He nods politely at her, holds her gaze for a long minute, and looks again into the street)

Miss Winston: So, is that, like, an official title, or what?

Prophet: (Very seriously) It is quite official, though not in the way you might think.

Miss Winston: Really.

Prophet: Indeed. Everyone should own a shirt like this one.

Miss Winston: (Sarcastically) I’m sure they’ll all get right on that.

Prophet: Indeed.

Miss Winston: So, why “generally”?

Prophet: You’ll see. (Sighs. Smiles with satisfaction)

Miss Winston shrugs. She removes a pack of cigarettes from her purse, chooses one Cigarette, and replaces the pack. She next pulls a lighter from her purse, and prepares to light. Prophet suddenly intervenes, verbally.

Prophet: (Facing the street, his head tilted upward. Shouting) Behold!

Miss Winston, about to bring the flame of her lighter to meet the Cigarette, instead lets the flame die and looks toward Prophet in bemusement.

Prophet: (Still shouting. Raises his arms toward the sky) Behold! I bring word from on high! (lowers his arms) Your ways are filthy; thus says the Lord!

Miss Winston looks at her hand holding the Cigarette, looks around with growing embarrassment at the others, all of whom are now watching Prophet. She puts the lighter back in her purse. The Cigarette is still not lit.

Prophet: (Still shouting) If you do not repent, your death will be a (raises his right arm so his hand is level with his chin, and clenches his fist ) swift and untimely one!

Miss Winston, now clearly embarrassed, drops the Cigarette, folds her arms together, and looks away from Prophet.

Prophet: (Lowers his arm. In a normal tone) That is all.

Prophet walks offstage. Seconds later, the squealing of tires, the Prophet’s scream, and the sound of a vehicle impacting are heard.

Cigarette: (To the audience) He never did say who he was talking to. (To Miss Winston) Hey, baby, I know you’ve got a light, so how ‘bout it?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that the influence of your subconscious, or intentional?

I know a girl named Winston...they all call her Boag.

8:38 PM  

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