Overrated Things

Installment #3

7. Red-State/Blue-State. Honestly, this peculiarly arbitrary manifestation of the polarization of American political thought needs to go away. It is weak, in its powers of naming, and it’s just plain silly. For example: I am a left-leaning Red-Stater (though Ohio only recently gained Red-State status by the hair on its chinny-chin-chin) living in a Blue-State, so what exactly does that make me? I suppose I’m a Purple-Stater, or something.

In any event, I urge all red (or blue-) blooded Americans, in keeping with Jon Stewart’s recent suggestion, to “take to the streets and scream, ‘Be reasonable!”

8. The Papacy. As a Protestant myself, this may be a bit unfair. Nevertheless, the Biblical textual basis for the position seems, as I was taught, a little shaky, and it occurs to me that some sort of rule-by-committee might be somewhat less prone to elevation, in the eyes of the common faithful, beyond mere humanity to the quasi-divinity now realized in the Papacy.

All that said, I must profess great admiration for the unity of the Catholic church, under the Pope, for it is something we Protestants are not likely ever to achieve.

9. HBO. Seriously, people pay extra money for this?


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