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"along the way" (a scherzo)

I met myself along the way
And he said, “I am weary.”
I asked him why, he said, “this way
Is one long ‘midnight dreary'.”

The path you’re on has wrecked me, friend;
The sky’s a hellish black–
I fear you will not like your end,
So I am turning back!”


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burke says...

"The 'symbol-using animal,' yes, obviously. But can we bring ourselves to realize just what that formula implies, just how overwhelmingly much of what we mean by 'reality' has been built up for us through nothing but our symbol systems? Take away our books, and what little to we know about history, biography, even something so 'down to earth' as the relative position of seas and continents? What is our 'reality' for today (beyond the paper-thin line of our own particular lives) but all this clutter of symbols about the past combined with whatever things we know mainly through maps, magazines, newspapers, and the like about the present? In school, as they go from class to class, students turn from one idiom to another. The Various courses in the curriculum are in effect but so many different terminologies. And however important to us is the tiny sliver of reality each of us has experienced firsthand, the whole overall 'picture' is but a construct of our symbol systems. To meditate on this fact until one sees its full implication is much like peering over the edge of things into an ultimate abyss. And doubtless that's one reason why, though man is typically the symbol-using animal, he clings to a kind of naive verbal realism that refuses to realize the full extent of the role played by symbolicity in his notions of reality."

From "Definitions of Man," in Language as Symbolic Action.

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Martyrdom in the Age of Reason

"If Christ were to return to the world, he would perhaps not be put to death, but would be ridiculed. This is martyrdom in the age of reason."

~ Kierkegaard

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