Don't Choke

A non-play

The Players: Employee 1, Employee 2, Bit of Sandwich.

Act Only

Afternoon. An office break room.

Employee 1 and Employee 2 are standing in the break room and drinking coffee. Both wear a somber expression.

Employee 1: (Remorsefully) I told him not to choke.

Employee 2: (Puzzled) What?

Employee 1: Yeah. I said, “Don’t choke and die!”

Employee 2: Wow.

Employee 1: And I laughed.

Employee 2: Well, I’m sure it was funnier at the time.

Employee 1: (With a hopeful expression) He laughed, too...

Employee 2: See? There you go.

Employee 1: I guess so. (He sips his coffee and stares blankly)

Employee 1 and Employee 2
turn toward the break room door, which is open, to see a stretcher wheeled by, upon which lies the body of a man wearing a suit.

Bit of Sandwich: (Still lodged in the man’s throat, Bit of Sandwich remains unseen) Seriously, what are the chances?



Blogger Josh said...

very nice...i'm anxiously awaiting the second of the sunday afternoon non-plays.

10:16 AM  

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