Lack of Interest

A non-play

The Players: Henri, Jennifer, Book.

Act Only.

Afternoon. A bus stop.

Henri and Jennifer are waiting together for a bus. Henri is reading a Book, Jennifer, a magazine.

Henri: (Puts the Book in his lap. Thoughtful) You wanna know something?

Jennifer: Sure

Henri: (Matter-of-fact) I’ve noticed that I find people less and less interesting.

Jennifer: (Appalled) What?

Henri: Yeah. (Wistful) With every passing day.

Jennifer: That’s horrible!

Henri: Well, I do. And, they are.

Jennifer: Do you want to know something?

Henri: Always.

Jennifer: (Unsympathetic) I’m getting on the next bus, and I don’t care if it’s ours or not. (Folds her arms, looks away from Henri)

Henri: (Pleased) See? That’s what I love about you, Jen: you are no kind of dull!

A bus arrives that is not the bus for which they had been waiting. Jennifer
stands, walks toward the stop as the bus slows, and boards it. The bus drives away.

Henri: (Shrugs) Ah, well. I was getting tired of her anyway. (He reopens the Book and begins to read. After a few seconds, he closes the Book again and puts it on the bench beside him. Frustrated) Even books! (Pauses) I wonder if it’s me...

Henri puts the Book
on the bench beside him, stands up, and walks offstage.

Book: I got news for you, buddy: it’s you. (Pauses) Although, suddenly, I feel I ought to have been about something other than Fortran.



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