I Agreed

There was the time I went to a friend's house for a party. His parents were there, I think. The same girl was there, too, but this was several weeks earlier. She was wearing a maroon top, but I didn't notice her come inside. She probably didn't; the house was surrounded by five or so acres of land, and there was a bonfire already going when I arrived, but I went inside first.

Still, I first found her in the kitchen, refilling her paper cup with pop. Other people were mingling about, and we talked awhile, until we were more or less alone. We talked a little more, and she suggested we go to the garage, where a ping-pong table had been set up. I agreed and re-filled my paper cup with milk.

The ping-pong table was at the mouth of the garage; if people were watching, they were doing so from a distance. We played three quick points over the next fifty minutes. Eventually, we put our paddles down and talked across the table. I still held the ball. She said we should get together sometime, and I agreed.

Later, she found me by the bonfire, and we said good night. Her jacket was zipped up halfway - it was getting cooler, as evenings in late summer do - and I could just see the neckline of her maroon top as she turned to walk to her car.


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