i swear i am not making this up

i realize this post is stepping outside the normal range of this blog's subject material, but i just can't help myself.

i received a fax at work today, and this is what the sender had written on the cover sheet (spelling, punctuation and capitalization are exactly are exactly as they appeared):

"This is my 3rd time faxing these same document For a card I never got one thank you I[f] it not clear please call me I sent these 3 wks ago."

just the other night, while talking to my wife, i bemoaned the deplorable level of grammatical knowledge (if it can be called knowledge) to which i am exposed on a regular basis. sadly, this note is just about average, so far as writing competency goes, among the faxes i receive daily. i am not an educational professional, so i doubt it is within my rightful range to comment much further. that said, i will minimize my comments thusly: is anyone else even slightly frightened by this? i am, and when i received this fax i nearly cried.


Blogger Josh said...

I've often heard your bemoanings (somehow that word doesn't work as well with me as it does with your wife) on the lack of good grammar in our culture. Knowing you personally, I'm privy to the knowledge that your employer's clientele is predominantly comprised of minorities. Is it right to say, dammit this is America and we write and speak a certain way? Or is it right to embrace each person's cultural and ethnic diversity? (Seems like the makings of one of your famous non-plays). More and more, I believe we are going to see bilingualism and less overall conformity to white linguistic norms. I think I'm all right with that, but I'm not quite sure. Indoctrination is wrong even in it's mildest form--and probably more deadly. It's hard for me to read that fax without cringing, but if the person speaks and writes fluently in another language, or can communicate effectively with those of his particular culture, then I feel wrong judging him for not being able to put together a declaritive sentence in English just because he lives in America. We don't live in the 1950's homogeneous society that never really existed and now flourishes, embodied in perfectly manicured lawns, buzz cuts, cars that can be fixed with a good hammer and a socket set, and big-breasted June Cleavers cleaning kitchens in the minds of conservatives everywhere. But no offense. Seriously.

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