all things democratic?

this one isn't deeply seeded enough to warrant inclusion on the "Overrated Things" list, but suddenly i felt the desire to voice it anyway:

what, exactly, is behind this craze of opening up decision making processes to the general public? haven't we had enough experience by now to realize, as the founding fathers did, that the general public just doesn't know what's best for it? what, with all the
american idol silliness, the quill awards, and now even the IAU is thinking about letting the general populace name the 10th planet.

has no one thought that since God doesn't work in a democratic system, perhaps we shouldn't either? the answer is no, no one has. and i suppose i might as well go back to england a few hundred years ago for pointing it out.

whatever your thoughts, i should probably point out that i'm not saying any other human-based systems will work better, i'm just saying that some things should just not be decided by people like you, me, and our neighbors. i'm just saying.


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