I'm IM

A non-play

The Players: Spiceyman417, HevnlyTGR11, IM Client

Act Only

Very late at night. Spiceyman417's room and HevnlyTGR11's room.

Spiceyman417 and HevnlyTGR11 are chatting.

HevnlyTGR11: I just couldn't believe he said that - he really didn't have any right to.

Spiceyman417: I know, he's such a retard.

HevnlyTGR11: LOL

Spiceyman417: Hey, remember when everyone was on IM all the time?

HevnlyTGR11: Yeah, why?

Spiceyman417: No reason. I was just thinking how cool it used to be.

HevnlyTGR11: Yeah... you know we're using it now, right? Hehe.

Spiceyman417: Only 'cause my phone died, or I would've called.

HevnlyTGR11: Good point. Good thing I got your email, huh?

Spiceyman417: Yeah.

HevnlyTGR11: Smiley!

Spiceyman417: Anyway, I should probably go to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow.

HevnlyTGR11: Aww... do you have to?

Spiceyman417: Yeah, I really do. Have a good night, ok?

HevnlyTGR11: You too.

Both sign off.

IM Client: (Exasperated) I can't believe he said that! (yelling) I'm right here, ya know!



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