Inquired Accordingly

There was the time I spent the lunch hour in the hall, on the floor in front of my locker. I had just finished talking to the blonde girl, but this was weeks before Christmas break. She had walked up to me in the hall as the lunch hour began. She looked upset, and I inqured accordingly. She spoke quickly, after telling me not to speak at all. We remained in the way of students passing by, and her eyes welled with tears.

"Can I say somethng now?"

"No... no." She looked at me without talking for several seconds, and she walked away. I turned around to watch her walk toward the cafeteria, but I did not follow her. I closed my locker, and I sank to the floor.

Some minutes passed, and a friend's brother noticed me from the cafeteria. He came to the hall, knelt in front of my locker and me and inquired accordingly. I asked him to find a brown-haired girl. She was in class, so he brought me her sister. She held my hand and talked me into the cafeteria. She sat with me, and I did not speak as I ate my turkey sandwich.


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