Linguistic Thermodynamics

Second Law

the passage of time makes breathing difficult.
(once, while improvising, he said:

"Tonal music is dead.")
do i even need to know what to assault?

i only use words
because they are so like
small birds,
flitting this way and that
about and about, up and out.

(because my daughter will be born
suffering from blogorrhea,)

The end of man,
So as he goes,
Is the anarchist's dream,
His perfect plan,
Crumpled and buried
Alone, in a linguistic garbage can.

What can i do that cannot be done,
That has not already been done?

Solomon knew, and still i push on,
Looking up, falling downhill.

The avant-garden is full of weeds,
Of useless men and meaningless deeds;
Then, whither are we going now?
Who cares? (How now, brown cow?)

Man is no lever, and not one long enough,
To move aught but his own, and that by words,
Yet we persist, and we are rough.

The distant deed has made it home
And we have allowed it
An equally tremendous welcome.
His time is now, has even passed,
But we are drowned in cum.

Called to account, I will reply
Nothing but: "What, after all,
Are these words now, if they are not
The tombs and sepulchers of thought?"


Blogger Thin Black Duke said...

Hey, Matt,

I'm starting a new blog ring, the Literature and Writing Blog Ring. I'd love it if you joined and spread the word. If you (or anyone reading this) are interested, check out the end of the left sidebar at Slant Truth (www.slanttruth.kaelliott.com) for more details.

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Blogger Thin Black Duke said...

Oh, I have another thing to ask you...email me and I'll fill you in.


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Blogger Patry Francis said...

There is so much depth here. I'll have to return for a second read.

12:55 PM  

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