looks like...

... i'm only going to have a couple of hours a week to blog and just goof around on the internet. this saddens me quite a bit. as i see it, the consequence is as follows:

- my blogging will be reduced (for lack of a better term) to creative production/display. as i no longer have time to explore at will the inner workings of the cyber community at large, not to mention the literary/poetic/philosophical blogging community, i consider myself automatically less qualified to comment on the subject.

my plan is to decide on a few key aspects of my blog so far, and attempt to produce enough good pieces during the week to have at least three or four posts ready by the weekend. then, it'll be off to the library with me (what, you think i'm paying for the internet?!) to post away. at least for an hour. whatever.

that said, until i post again, happy blogging to all, and to all a good night.

wait, that was stupid.

read on, poem on, live on.

p.s. i have yet to figure out how i will continue to keep track of the blogs i have come to love over the past few months, but somehow...


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