She Did Not See

There was the time I saw this girl play the piano. I was at a local high school, at the Solo & Ensemble Competition. I was waiting for my turn to play, in a room with stadium seating. I was sitting with my piano teacher and my mother, and I was not next.

The girl stood up from her seat; she was wearing a bluish dress with a subtle flower pattern. The flowers were white, the dress was sleeveless, and she had very dark hair. She sat at the piano and began playing Beethoven's Fur Elise, reasonably well. Her arms were not tan, but they moved smoothly over and around one another through the E-to-D sharp and back, forth and back.

She finished playing, bowed to academic applause, and returned to her seat. I smiled at her, but she did not see. I did not listen to the next two performers. I watched the girl watching whoever played. I looked at her bare arms, but she did not see.

My mother nudged me and I winced; it was my turn. I stood up from my seat. I was wearing a shirt and tie, as were all the other boys, and I played horribly.


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wonderful understated.

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