when every thought is taxed...

courtsey if:book, and one of the best posts i have read in a long time:

"I say 'fundamentalism' because the current copyright regime in this country is radical and unprecedented in its scope, yet traces its roots back to the initially sound concept of intellectual property as an incentive to production, which, in turn, stemmed from the Enlightenment idea of author's rights. What was originally granted (hesitantly) as a temporary, statutory limitation on the public domain has spun out of control into a full-blown culture of intellectual control that chokes the flow of ideas through society -- the very thing copyright was supposed to promote in the first place."

and further (quoting Kant)

"Such a contract, whose intention is to preclude forever all further enlightenment of the human race, is absolutely null and void, even if it should be ratified by the supreme power, by parliaments, and by the most solemn peace treaties. One age cannot bind itself, and thus conspire, to place a succeeding one in a condition whereby it would be impossible for the later age to expand its knowledge (particularly where it is so very important), to rid itself of errors, and generally to increase its enlightenment."


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