courtesy if:book (linked to at left):

"One begins to suspect that America's political blogs are merely a pressure valve for a population that, though ill at ease, is still ultimately paralyzed."

"Begins"? actually, i've always suspected as much. only now, there appears to finally be some research validating said suspicion.

again: polarization is not the way to go, though we hardly seem able to avoid it. interconnected discussion is the only path or, it would be, if most of the political world weren't on crack.

all that to say, i don't have any answers. except, "don't do crack."

(by the way, does the graph included in the if:book post look strangely like the pepsi logo to anyone else?)



Blogger Clifford Duffy said...

hello I love this expression Holy Mother of Blogging. I'll have to find a way to 'use it' .

12:30 PM  

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