articles of lunch - 5.17

i know, it's not nearly lunchtime yet, but things are a little slow today, and i wanted to do some reading. enjoy.

Direct Quote: Lewis Turco on the challenge of writing sestinas and reading as a form of magic.

“Every element of language is a form of some kind. The letters of the alphabet are forms, conventions upon which the members of a culture have agreed in order to communicate; so are words, phrases, clauses, and sentences, whether spoken or written.”

"I began writing another one when you first called, and I’ve since finished it. It’s titled “The Vision,” and it tells the story of how I first decided to cast my lot as a writer. The end-words are eyes, tiles, white, time, blank and crapper."

collaborative fiction, one page at a time - this is just an awesome idea.

"What if he could send the book spinning like a top and just watch it go?"



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