bethany's blog / articles of lunch - 5.22

ATTENTION: my wife has started a blog to post pictures of (on a daily basis, she hopes) and updates about our daughter, bethany. do check it out: born in buffalo, but always a buckeye

the life and afterlife of vinyl records - courtesy

"This reminds us that we need to take each "next great" invention with a healthy bit of skepticism. Because the transitions from LPs to CDs and now to MP3s occurred in a span of twenty years, we have the benefit of living through the shifts. Therefore, the transition is less disconcerting even if its transition is not complete or fully understood. The current shift from CD to MP3 introduces us to a host of transitional issues that we will soon face with print books."

The art of sport - WWKS: What would Kant say?

"To ground his argument, Gumbrecht turns to that staple of sports bar disputation, Immanuel Kant's 'Critique of Judgment.' "

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