articles of lunch - 6.13

"Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be a 27,000-year-old drawing of a face, which would make it the oldest in history. Like many other ancient portraits, it is reminiscent of the work of some of the great modern artists, writes Jonathan Jones - and speaks volumes about the way we see ourselves"

Just having read that summary of the article, glance at the picture toward the top of the text and see if you can tell why I was immediately, and do remain, slightly skeptical. Now, I'm not an art historian, by any means, but come on. I think I'd need to know a good deal more about art theory/history before I really, truly, bought this.

Old Masters, from Guardian Unlimited

"No one is ever going to put a name to this face."

You got that straight.


Farewell to Warblogging, by Matt Welch

"I used to think blogs would transform ideologues into nonpartisan truth-seekers. Man, was I wrong."

Well put, Matt. (Decent name, too)



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