oh, the thinks you can think!

again, there will be no articles today, because i spent most of the lunch hour working (still trying to catch up from the system crashing last week). however, i had a couple of fun ideas.

fun idea #1 - i know i missed NaPoWriMo, but that doesn't mean i can't tackle the month of june with a poem each day. starting tonight, then (i don't have today's poem yet because, as i said, i didn't really stop working for lunch today), i will post a poem every day for the entire month of june. it won't all be good, but it will be fun (for me, at least) and productive. i haven't written nearly enough poetry lately, and that needs to change.

i guess that makes june my first PerPoWriMo (Personal Poetry Writing Month).

fun idea #2 - what with all the blog carnivals popping up every which where, i thought it might be fun to start one of my own. i do not know when, exactly, this will happen, but i've got the idea in my sights: a Carnival of Love. you read right. it seems to me that so many of the carnivals are based on/around angst in some fashion or another (especially, though this observation is not limited to, or directed solely at, the political carnivals). so my natural wonderment became, why are there no carnivals focused on positive thinking/writing? my next thought was, of course, perhaps such carnivals do exist, and i just haven't seen them!

so, given those two consecutive thoughts, it occurred to me to look around a bit and see if there are indeed any carnivals of positivity, if you will, and if there are none to be found, start one of my own. as i mentioned, there will be some delay between this post and the eventual, hypothetical appearance of the Carnival of Love, but i expect updates on fun idea #2 will be forthcoming.

poem on, everyone.



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