poem #21

"6 Memory Lane"

I should have written this poem yesterday
but my wife is still sick
and the baby wouldn't stop.
Now I'm at work, where I can think
sit back
and take a drink of soda
(which, as everyone knows, is "pop").

Anyway, yesterday
I thought of a girl
I knew when I was younger.
We played doctor once
in her bedroom, underneath a tray table
draped with her pink sheets.
But I do not remember her,
only that tray table
only those sheets,
because that memory is not
mine to keep–
perhaps it belongs to someone else
or to some restless, dreamful sleep.

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Blogger Josh said...

this is my favorite so far. nice work. is there any way i could talk you into starting it like this:

I thought of a girl

1:47 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

has anyone else noticed that the word verifications are getting more bizarre?

the one for this comment is "ovgaviah." it sounds like a kind of cheese or the name of a girl you'd meet in a storybook. if i had to guess, she'd probably go from rags to riches or something--or perhaps become the namesake for a fancy brand of cheese.

1:53 PM  
Blogger matt said...

i had noticed that, actually. however, i will attribute the rags-to-cheese part to you, j.

as for the beginning, my answer is probably not. i will certainly keep your suggestion in mind, though, as next month i will be editing each of this month's poems in turn, at which point i will notice your comment and give it further review.

right now, though, no. no there isn't.

(this comment was verified by my correctly typing "dpbpn". a little consonant-centric, isn't it?)

1:56 PM  
Blogger matt said...

by the way, i think this is also my favorite to date.

(phboovf - perhaps an obscure alien from star wars? the sound a baby's butt makes when it lands, bare, on thick carpet?)

2:00 PM  

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