poem #4

1. prologue: may-day

there are days, even in mays,
when winter's embrace has loosened
and the sun is still trying to return
and the neighbors are starting to burn charcoal again,
days when summer's true warmth in june
is still too distant,
days when i want to join my wife
writing goals in obscenely high-numbered lists
or work on my poem-a-day,
days when, because the darkness of winter
never quite closes the door behind
on its way out,
i cannot bring myself to lift a pen or pad.
today is not one of those days.
today has not been all that bad,
though its light was tinted by the memory
and the fear of those glooming days
looming ahead, just as behind,
if only in my mind.

2. haiku: sunset

at sunset streetlights
are hard to see or obey
yellow red or green

3. epilogue: sunrise

the next day, the sun is bright
and the darkened patches of blacktop
in the parking lot are shrinking
and the leaves on the oak outside my window
and the greening grass
and the concrete sidewalk across the street
are all a bit too crisp in my sight.
i rise from my bed with the sun
-a bright orange sentence's capital "T",
always leaning, gleaming toward yellow "he"-
thinking, "yes."

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