where have all the poets gone?

so here's a thought i've had trouble shaking lately: where exactly are all the poets? and i don't mean that figuratively. i'm really asking - where, physicall, are they? i know this is probably a discussion long since crumpled in the trash can of all those cool people with MFA degrees, but i don't really care. once was, or so i was told in high school, a number of poets enjoyed rather obscene celebrity status (eliot, frost, et. al.). today, i imainge most of us would be hard pressed to name a poet who isn't the poet laureate. honestly, i doubt many could even name the poet laureate of these fine united states (donald hall), or that the position's actual title is "poet laureate consultant in poetry to the library of congress". never-you-mind naming the the british poet laureate (andrew motion). and yes, i had to look all that up, myself.

now let's take it down a notch. i have been posting, for the better part of a month, now, a poem every day, or at least something resembling a daily consistency. as i was going through my link list, i noticed that, on the front page of each blog, i found almost no poetry (it's the end of the workday, people - i'm not going to go back and count it up now). now, these are all blogs i enjoy, otherwise they wouldn't have remained on the list. but i find myself increasingly disturbed by the lack of poetry and poetics. short-term, i am left with little choice but to spend some time hunting down some good poet-bloggers, that i may proudly boast some good poetry links on the left side of the page before you.

yes, the internet is a wonderful tool for forging communities of like-minded and not-so-like-minded folks. we are currently seeing that played out by the likes of myspace, flickr (among countless others), and on a larger scale, the blogosphere. what troubles me is that i have such difficulty finding down-to-earth poets who proudly display their wares in blog posts for all the world to see, copyrights and possible future publishing contracts be damned! do i hope to be published one day? of course. am i going to let desire create within me a fear of posting what i write now? hell, no. if i really am good enough, then i'll write more. i am young, yet.

all that to say, there are more poets in the blogosphere than would have the world know it. this is my call to those poets, addressing directly: you know who you are. you know also that poets have a special responsibility to create accessible avenues to new and different perspectives of reality. if you are among those shirking said responsibility, i leave you to judge yourself in your silence. the rest of you, write more, post it more, and find others who are doing the same.

poem on.



Blogger Josh said...

i thought the poet laureate was billy collins, not to be confused with bootsy collins, so i guess i could name a living poet...unless he died since 2003.


7:38 PM  

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