home again / three poems after Rilke

i'm back from a wonderful week away from the world.

here are three poems. the first two i wrote several weeks ago, the third i wrote while camping. all three arose from a deep admiration of Rilke, if not the ability to pay proper homage to him.

1. Solitude

Miniature rapids
cut white lines
through Buffalo Creek,
and hasty thoughts
make me want to wait;
I know the words I seek
or think I do.

The songs of birds
whose names I do not know
accompany the steady rhythm,
and the creek rolls
on and slowly on;
seeing around, looking within -
solitude is pale and true.

My head upon her lap,
she holds me still
and quietly whispers;
my heart is ripening
beyond Spring into Summer -
would that I kiss her
quickly, and wake anew.

2. Trees

The wind is warm and cool at once.
Three trees abstract my view
like the spread fingers of a child's hand
waving to preserve the mystery
of an unwrapped present.

3. Summer Theif

The morning air is cool, but also heavy
with the heat of afternoon to come.
The breeze is thick, and carries slowly
the cries of a baby to my ears.

I wait alone for strength to lift myself above
the slow passing of morning into mid-morning.

It is already too late: the heat grows more quickly
than the morning wind can cool,
and it has already stolen my thoughts.



Blogger Josh said...

good to have you back. i particularly enjoyed summer thief.

we have to get together sometime...it's been a while.

9:16 PM  

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