Pieces of Monday

(it is important to note that this poem is not as original as it may seem. it is more of a heavily influenced experiment, which may or may not be finished)

Pieces of Monday

The hills send back the cry:
Ohio State 24 Texas 7
I wanna go back
I gotta go back.

I avoid Tylenol if I can
because maybe I can know
what it is to write while high,
or drunk.

Am I a White, or Strunk?

Cough and phlegm once, twice.

Just write
twenty-four more words.

(Sleep cannot be made up
but if I do not even try
at least I know where it has gone.)

Sunday and Monday.
Where is Tuesday?
When is Friday? Saturday, wait.

I am a guest here,
carefully choosing words
to offend, or not offend.
I know just how much
my will can bend
before I take my leave.

Cough more and twenty-four .
Write phlegm. Chillax and back

in black, or out of white?
Audrey Hepburn, please,
in the afternoon.



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