or, Whose Meaning is In Progress is Not Dead

This is not where I should be
, L thought. He'd spoken aloud, but he didn't realize it until the woman next to him inquired as to his meaning.

"What?" L turned his head toward the woman as he, too, questioned meaning.

"Well, where should you be?" She was not a slight woman. In her mid-fifties, her skirt and blouse were brown, her hair was brown, her eyes were brown, her fingernails were painted brown. She wore brown shoes and carried a brown purse. L wanted to ask her some rather snide questions regarding her choice of monochrome.

"I don't know, really." He didn't, but he had decided against the snide questions. He only knew the negative, that this place was not the right one for him, then.

For the sake of argument, let us assume that "this place" is an airport. More specifically, let us assume further that "this place" is a particular gate in said airport. Gate 13. L held tickets for the same flight as Brown, but he didn't want to think about where he was headed. Where they were headed. Which was, so we are all aware, a city more than one thousand miles from the airport in which they sat.

"You know," said Brown, "Burke devised a series of statements that, when added together, produced a pretty good definition of man. Or woman, as the case may be."

"I know." L turned away from her and looked straight ahead, through the large, unclean windows.

She continued, "One of the statements is, 'Inventor of the negative'."

"I know." He'd read part of a book, once, in college.

"Well then," Brown continued again, perking up at the discovery of their shared knowledge, "you should realize then, that while you know where you should not be, you should also be able to see, just as clearly, where you should be. Positive. Just because we invented the negative doesn't mean the positive should be completely useless." She finished, pleased.

"Good point." L got up, and began to walk slowly toward a row of plastic seats on the other side of the gate, which, coincidentally, faced away from the windows.

"Where are you going?" When L failed to answer, she ventured a pair of questions, further. "Do you know where you should be? Did you figure it out?"

"Yes. Well, partially, anyway."


"Not next to you, I'm afraid." L paused, and added, "And I've just gone negative again. Sorry." Yes, he thought, and it's just too much brown. Today is more of a red day, I think. He'd spoken aloud, but he didn't realize it until the woman called out, "Red?! That's worse than the blues!"



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feels like beckett. have you read him lately?

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