Tastes like bURNing?

While walking today
over hard blue carpet
I smelled a smell and thought it sharp.
I thought of my friend's house
in summer. We were just boys.
When we were five, it would snow
and we'd go out to play in it
and we'd ask mom if we could eat it, too.
She'd say, "Yes but only the snow
that hasn't touched the ground,
or the car"
and I'd eat some straight off the hood
to see if something bAD for me would taste
a little worse, or
and it didn't! and i smiled big
and then we were 6ix
and i had knockeD A Candle?
off the end:Table and onTOo the
and the blACK spot in and/or on the car,pet
it REMAINs today:it is still my MOSTfault
and then we're older and OLDer and oldER
(time yawns deeply,eternally]
and We are older (be)stillll
ANDwe don't talk as muchMOST
but,he's still my friendhe's my brother.?

My thoughts are pulled back to the office,
where the smell grows sharper still
and hot and clean
and I never thought I'd die
in a fire I set.



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