A weary Sky

A weary sky descends
Into the horizon;
Distance drinks up the blue.
The sharp lines of buildings
In a business park
Suffocate the treetops,
And evergreens are dwarfed
By skeletal, leafless branches.

When there is no rest,
Rest waking
Sleep walking
Dream working...

Down and down
Rain falling on rain
On falling on Christmas Eve,
Even here. Say first what cause
her to tears
Moved him to beers
Moved them into each others' arms.

The color drains until the sky
Is all but pale; the clouds expand
Beyond my view, into tomorrow and again.
The evergreens (those to the other side),
Roped off by power lines
Stand stoic, en masse.
Subarus, Toyotas, goddamn Hummers
Pass and pass, on driving on driving
Home or back to work,
Perhaps to see that woman
Again, and again
The sky is blueing, Soaking into the pale.
Shadows fall over steel, stone & glass.
Perhaps the end is near;
Perhaps the end has passed.



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