what feelings?

my feelings, that's what. though publication would/will be nice... sigh.

this is a lovely statement (found at this post): "'Twould be nice (or interesting, I guess, if not nice) if poetry had a large enough readership to justify critics who aren't also actively publishing poets."

indeed. too, it would be nice if poets (all artists) came off more comfortable with the strength of their work, to the point that non-poets (read: laypeople, the everyman) felt free to read, criticize, and see their input valued by means of new production. not that the masses should completely dictate the direction of the arts, but art as a reflection of life should, i think, include the masses as equals; poets are no more human than their bretheren.

too, i should point out that my thoughts above are not directly derivative of the lovely statement from pshares. they are not. that's just where my mind went. coincidentally, i think my artistic purpose is just around the corner of discovery. stay tuned (but don't hold your breath).



Blogger Josh said...

"art as a reflection of life should, i think, include the masses as equals; poets are no more human than their bretheren."

a few nights ago, my brother boldly stated that his mind is significantly more active than most people's minds.

i don't know about ben (though he's probably right), but would this not be true of good artists? the work of an artist is a function of his or her long, reflective gazes at the world and its happenings, and deep thoughts. for working towards unveiling truths, comprehending the intricacy and depth of human existence, and ascending to a higher perspective, shouldn't the artist enjoy an elevated status above the masses?

there is undoubtedly a sharp contrast between the mind of a good artist and that of an ordinary person who is probably dulled and distracted by, among many other things, television and video games.

i don't believe this devalues the perspecive and range of human emotion, from pain and suffering to pleasure and joy, of the ordinary person--a good artist possesses acuity in this regard.

experiencing life is one thing, but communicating the experience is another.

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