Walking, for the first time,
my daughter is steady
and smiles with pleasure.
By the standard measure,
I am told,
this is slightly early
though she still won't speak,
as though "Dada"
would be the famous straw,
as though her knees are too weak
to carry both body and voice,
that she would break in two.

Given the choice, of course,
I would not handle both just yet;
I think too much praise
would make me hoarse.
Besides, she has much more to get
her mind around
and there are, still to come,
so many days.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Really does evoke the feelings of a parent watching a child do something for the first time. I like the use of the "famous straw" although a little one breaking in two is a startling image.

Nice job.


5:43 PM  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I can feel the love and pride in your heart for her. She will go a long way. Just giveher your love and care.

Beautiful sentiments in here.


1:54 PM  

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