NaPoWriMo - One

Today is small and tired;
the rain, the rain.
The rain came last night
and the streets are cleaner today,
dark wet. "Not yet", she says,
"we've got to wait.
We've got to." But I press on.
"Wait!" Wait? Of all the words
she could have said... wait.

My shirt is untucked
and I am worn.
Torn from her crudely, by her,
as one tears out magazine inserts
I walk home
and the rain starts again.
Once home, my clothes are dark wet
and I cannot get clean:
my sister beat me to the shower
saying, "You're only seventeen,
why shouldn't you smell like that?"

NaPoWriMo '07 begins today, & I think I've got it in me. I imagine many of my entries will be untitled, as is this one, but I hope to come back to them all in turn, at which time titles will be bestowed, where due.

That said, get to it, people! There's poems afoot!

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