3LIGHTS Gallery

Here's something: 3LIGHTS Gallery accepted two of my haiku for publication in the "Way Back Home" exhibition, which goes live on October 1st. I'll post about it again on or about the 1st, I'm sure, but I just had to start spreading the news early!

As a rule, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to submitting my work—that is, I just don't do it often. Perhaps this will change that; perhaps not. Regardless, go visit the website now, bookmark it, and visit it again on the 1st!

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Friday Miscellany

It occurs to me I haven't posted much lately in the way of my actual thoughts. Summer is winding down, and autumn is gearing up; my firstborn is in the thick of potty training; I'm always tinkering with LW; I'm trying to read more, write more, and do a lot of other things; I just don't find myself with as much time for this as I'd like.

Still, I will remain; perseverance, I have heard, is an admirable quality. Too, this blogging bit is a fascinating medium to me, and one I imagine will only grow in scope and influence over the next few years. That said, I'm on board for the long haul, but I won't pretend it will always be as substantial as I'd like.

For the time being, then, enjoy The Wordle Bible, Calvin Minus Hobbes, Things My Wife Has Said, and whatever else I come up with in between posts containing actual words of my own. It's nice to have a person or two along for the ride.


Calvin Minus Hobbes


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