Friday Miscellany

It occurs to me I haven't posted much lately in the way of my actual thoughts. Summer is winding down, and autumn is gearing up; my firstborn is in the thick of potty training; I'm always tinkering with LW; I'm trying to read more, write more, and do a lot of other things; I just don't find myself with as much time for this as I'd like.

Still, I will remain; perseverance, I have heard, is an admirable quality. Too, this blogging bit is a fascinating medium to me, and one I imagine will only grow in scope and influence over the next few years. That said, I'm on board for the long haul, but I won't pretend it will always be as substantial as I'd like.

For the time being, then, enjoy The Wordle Bible, Calvin Minus Hobbes, Things My Wife Has Said, and whatever else I come up with in between posts containing actual words of my own. It's nice to have a person or two along for the ride.



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