Issue 1

Much has been made of Issue 1, and with good reason. I myself am highly amused, as the whole thing is really quite entertaining. And I'm not sure I even care to dissect it much further. Yet. It's just all too funny.

Anyway, here's the poem attributed to me, which is found on page 2,746. Enjoy!

Flashes written without abstinence

While sometimes he straightens her, glaring, coming, dangers, seconds,
risks, the yelling sunlight.

He does not fear
her. He does
not fear her at all.
He fancies her

He is dreaming of the dying camps
of buccaneers, lingering angrily in particularized
He screams, ”I hunger for
to ramble angrily”
Until he composes her
at midsummer
His topaz mysteries seem contemptible and

What if he should penetrate
at midnight?
He does not
dissolve her. He
does not dissolve
her even a
Lightning runs the only phenomena of
first-class words upon
her womb

He stays in the
massacres of the harbor
Already he can
hear sympathy, her auburn sadness, like
a skipper
Danger rests in her commonplace flash

An intolerable second lasted
Whenever he is
My onslaught, you are there,
arguing like a
He scatters what rests for her



Keep the trees

a found&modified poem

Yes. Keep the trees,
and tend them.
They will continue the family,
they will be great sources of pride
generation to generation.
Your daughters' children
will wonder at them,
wondering too at the great-grandparents
who planted them.



Meme Monday

I don't go out of my way to do memes, but if I'm tagged, I'm ready. And I've been tagged by my good friend Mike. Here goes.

5 Things I'm Thankful For

1. My wife. She's as good as they come. If you need more than that, read Proverbs 31.
2. My daughters. Seriously, could they be any cuter?
3. My family. Case in point: my mom's up visiting this weekend, and she's going to babysit tonight so Lisa and I can have a night on the town.
4. My friends. I have the best friends in the world, bar none. No links to prove it, so you'll have to take me at my word.
5. The Bible. I love to learn and I love God, so the Bible, which combines the two, is basically the best thing ever.

7 Things About Myself (that you couldn't glean from the first list)

1. I'm a writer. Poetry is my first love, and I've gotten a piece or three published in online magazines. Nothing too impressive, but that's not the point.
2. I'm a musician. On the verge of pulling in my first piano student, I might as well admit that it's gonna stick.
3. I don't care for cold weather. Then why do I live in Buffalo, NY?
4. I might have mild OCD. I'm not in danger of getting into a fatal car accident because I was counting light poles or anything. It's more small stuff, like starting and/or ending stairs on the same foot and changing the times on my posts to be palindromes, and what not.
5. I want to be a librarian. Not sure any explanation is needed, here.
6. I wish the world would not try to make me feel like a bad person because I don't like to dance. (And here's the long rant of the post. I apologize in advance.) I'm just saying, I can think of, and I enjoy, a number of other ways to relax and enjoy myself and have fun with other people, but dancing is the only one you get yelled at for not liking, and this is where I steal a bit from Mitch Hedberg: Dang it, Otto, I can't believe you don't like to dance! Dang it, Otto, I can't believe you don't like to play darts! One of those two doesn't sound right. I'm just saying.
7. I'd like to be something of a minimalist, but I haven't developed the fortitude, just yet. I'm telling you, same outfit every day. Is it odd that I'd consider that a huge weight off my mind in the morning routine?

I'll tag my uncle Jeff, though I'm not sure he'll bite.



2 Haiku @ 3LIGHTS

In case you've forgotten, I've got two haiku up at 3LIGHTS starting today. Go check it out, and while you're there, read the rest of the haiku as well!

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