Issue 1

Much has been made of Issue 1, and with good reason. I myself am highly amused, as the whole thing is really quite entertaining. And I'm not sure I even care to dissect it much further. Yet. It's just all too funny.

Anyway, here's the poem attributed to me, which is found on page 2,746. Enjoy!

Flashes written without abstinence

While sometimes he straightens her, glaring, coming, dangers, seconds,
risks, the yelling sunlight.

He does not fear
her. He does
not fear her at all.
He fancies her

He is dreaming of the dying camps
of buccaneers, lingering angrily in particularized
He screams, ”I hunger for
to ramble angrily”
Until he composes her
at midsummer
His topaz mysteries seem contemptible and

What if he should penetrate
at midnight?
He does not
dissolve her. He
does not dissolve
her even a
Lightning runs the only phenomena of
first-class words upon
her womb

He stays in the
massacres of the harbor
Already he can
hear sympathy, her auburn sadness, like
a skipper
Danger rests in her commonplace flash

An intolerable second lasted
Whenever he is
My onslaught, you are there,
arguing like a
He scatters what rests for her



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