A Revelation of Love--In Sixteen Shewings

(leaning heavily upon Julian of Norwich)

THIS is a Revelation of my Love
that in a dream
my endless bliss
made in Sixteen Shewings,
or Revelations particular.
Of which the first is
of Her precious crowning
the color earth;
and therewith was made and became
one being with my fingers
and specified the fleshing of our Love,
with said incarnation and unity
betwixt my soul and hers;
with many fair Shewings
of endless grace and teachings of Love:
in which all the Shewings that follow
be grounded and oned.

The Second is the changing
of color of Her fair face
in token of her dearworthy Passion.


The Fifth is that my vicious self
is overcome by the precious Passion
of my Love.


The Seventh is my often feeling
of weal and woe;
(the feeling of weal
is gracious touching and lightening,
with true assuredness of endless joy;
the feeling of woe
is temptation by irksomeness and heaviness
of my fleshly living;)
with ghostly understanding
that we are kept all
as securely in Love
in woe as in weal.


The Twelfth is that our Love is most worthy Being.


The Sixteenth is that our Blissful Love,
the dream, in day- and moonlight,
endlessly dwelleth in our soul,
faithfully ruling and protecting
us mightily and wisely, saving and keeping,
for itself;
and we shall not be overcome.