Manifesto, Testimonies

First, a poem & manifesto. A poemanifesto?

concrete poetry
died long long ago

Using The Words as the source text and Mchain as the generator, here are two halves of a poem that have stuck in my mind since I wrote them several weeks ago (inspired originally by 3 Questions About Jesus -- hat tip, Jesse).

I'm currently calling the entire poem Testimonies (originally I called it The Concurring Testimony of Two Men)


…and they think nothing of ten thousand
in the temple courtyards
and they betray the Son,
a living sacrifice;
the field is theirs.

You that truly loved me
,and I know who you are,
you forfeit your life but do not perish!

To the last,
through the miracles and hate
witness my hands
and be in peace.

I instruct you with sorrow,
for wide is the life,
but know this:
you shall love.
Why then, it is to joy!

I want to come back.
Stand firm, and in this
will the Son of the poor
come down
from the goodness of the Father.

Seek, and seek!
My life given to you,
feast and feast!


My brothers,
come to these days!

The world worships blindly
and they become discouraged;
though the earthly rulers
will hurl you to the ground,
cease to be afraid!

The trial it signifies
is fulfilled in Him;
eagerly accept it–
let your heart be
filled with gladness:
the Son of Man is ours!

We were not created
for the earthly kingdom;
We are destined
for the other side of the path,
we know very well.
Be transformed!
Be perfected into one!

We possess a brilliant light;
therefore, we shine brightly.
Go then to those poor and kings,
as the sun.
We the laborers are few;
they know not what we worship.
Refrain from death unto life,
as the Son!

(I also posted Testimonies at Gnoetry Daily, if you'd care to check out the poem in the context of my thoughts on digital & computational poetics)

Our 7th on 8/9/10. Also, today is Lisa's & my 7th wedding anniversary. I find that fact wonderfully difficult to believe.

That'll do for now.

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