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The school year for preschoolers has begun, which means I'm slowly getting back into the swing of sporadic poeming. Continuing, then, the SciFi Gnoetry I posted last month, here's the .7th part (not necessarily the 7th part, you understand) of a larger piece I am still calling They & He. Enjoy.

.7 From Williams's Notes

He turned
and fled frantically
from a certain pair of Them
during his final forty-two days.

* * *

Reaching the oldest churchyards
by plane,
there he bought the specimens,
collected for an indefinite time.

He checked his guests frequently,
the ghostly fighters
of pitch black, a mother and child.
They did not please him.

He turned
in the end
toward the abyss, his plans
toward the horrible glistening deep.
He knew it, Their lost image,
and I still half expect to see
in fiendish aspect
Their faces recorded
in the margins of the evening mist.

For more generated poem-like wordiness, check out another bit of tomfoolery I posted at Gnoetry Daily earlier today: Go, Jennings.

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