What I Want

I wrote this out sometime last week, before my trip to DC for my college roommate's wedding, which was awesome.

Here's something: it is easy to find blogs and websites devoted to simple and/or "green" living, written by people who have lots of practice shopping at farmers markets, making organic meals, and throwing out all possessions unrelated to their life goals, no matter how they define that relatively vague phrase.

I am not that person; I kind of want to be that person, minus the blogging about it (which makes this post somewhat ironic, I suppose).

I want to eat better food, real food.

I want to get rid of a LOT of our stuff.

I want to to live more simply.

Thing is, when you love things like prepackaged food and hoarding books and goofing around on the internet, it's much easier to think about wanting those things than to go after them. When you've got three kids ages 4 and under, it's just so easy to slip into the processed, stuff-accumulating lifestyle.

I don't know exactly how to break out of all that, but that's what I want.

I want out.

Update: like I said, I wrote that last week. Talking to a nutritionist friend (couple, actually) about the affects of diet on Crohn's disease, I will soon be undertaking something of a radical alteration in my diet, which will certainly address the real food mentioned above. More about that another time.

Also, somewhat related: I'm on supercook.com trying to plan dinner right now. I added "chicken" to the list of ingredients to exclude, as we have none on hand, and POOF! "No recipes found." Seriously? Normally, I love supercook, but I've got some basic things like beef, eggs, bread, rice, etc., on hand, and supercook is telling me it can't come up with any recipes? That is not only less than super. It is one of the reasons, however peripheral, that I would not be upset if I never ate chicken again.

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